The Jesus Bible (for kids): Discover Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

Jesus BibleBook Review (I’ve included photos below): I have viewed countless children’s bibles over the years, and The Jesus Bible (NIV), Discover Jesus in Every Book of the Bible is terrific! Although the stated age group is 9-12, this bible could also be shared with children a couple of years older and younger.

A few truly excellent features include:

  • 365 daily devotions which are located on every few pages.
  • At the beginning of each book there is a page outlining items such as, “Where is Jesus in this book?” “Who wrote this book?” and “What are some of the stories in this book?”
  • My favorite: super-short prayers on every three pages or so, which are extremely age-appropriate. These teach children to speak to God with gratitude and informality.

Other study helpers at the back of the book include:

  • Table of weights and measures.
  • An index of the devotions located throughout the bible for easy reference.
  • Index of “Hints of the Savior/Jesus Revealed” throughout the Old Testament.
  • Concordance and maps.

Being a hardcover, once you crack the spine, the bible lays open nicely. I was showing it to my 15-year old daughter and mentioned that a soft cover option would be nice. She reminded me that all my kids had hardcover bibles in their younger years, and she preferred them.

In summary, since Amazon does not have the “look inside” option, I have provided a few photos that I hope will be helpful. I requested this from Booksneeze (provided in exchange for my honest review) to share this with my godson. I believe he will love it! IMG_4748 IMG_4747 IMG_4746 IMG_4750 IMG_4749

Is College Worth It?

There are two dominant themes throughout the book Is College Worth It? by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol:  1) overpriced higher education and 2) considering the heights of underemployment and unemployment currently rampant among recent college graduates – a questionable return on students’ investment.

Bennett and Wilezol provide an impressive amount of outstanding and worthwhile research connecting everything from the underlying social reasons for attending college, to the “prestige” associated with high priced universities. They ask meaningful questions with potentially life-altering high priced answers.  Should everyone go to college?  Does higher education actually produce graduates who are trained to begin working?

This book is an excellent read for parents and students who are starting to consider their college decisions.  While the research and tone of this book are largely designed to inform families with traditional-aged college applicants, the book contains information for non-traditional students as well.  I also recommend searching out and reading the highly informative charts in the book, such as: Best Value Schools, Colleges Ranked by 30-year Net ROI (Return on Investment), and Top Ten Majors by Midcareer Earnings.

Bennett and Wilezol aren’t saying that no one should attend college, but they subtly question whether so many should be attending.  As a college educator who has taught adult students for 16 years, I have some insight into this topic.  Observing the financial strain and severely limited professional opportunities for those who do not have a college degree, my verdict is:  everyone needs some form of higher education.  To even have an average middle-class lifestyle, my personal primary research indicates that an “affordable” college degree is a vital means to that end.

BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. pic_giant_is-college-worth-it_051813_A