Monday Gratitude: New Life!

I hope you had a truly blessed Easter Sunday!

I took these photos a couple years ago and seem appropriate for this week as we think about the new life Jesus gave us.

I’ll post the remainder of the birds hatching on Wednesday. To my great joy, this same tree is where we currently have two birds building a new nest this Spring. It’s in a precarious spot for predators seeking the eggs, but if I post the pictures in a month, you’ll know those eggs survived.

Holy Friday

As I leave the kitchen table from my Bible reading this morning, moving into the few tasks ahead… may I take time to be still throughout this day. To focus on what He did for me. May I reflect upon the hours He suffered, after already suffering such humiliation and utter betrayal.

May I rest quietly later, thinking about the darkness, the mocking assassins, His Mama watching… in her own searing pain.

May I close my eyes and envision the curtain being torn in two. Removing the divide between a Holy God and my sinful self. May I deeply reflect upon all that He gave up.

May I never get so accustomed to Jesus’ death that it doesn’t make me cry. May I never get so accustomed to the Resurrection that it doesn’t leave me in awe and amazement.

This Holy “Week” has still passed too quickly. I have not devoted enough time to His Holiness. May today be holy. Reverent. Slower. Aware. Grateful. Praying. May I stop again and again and again throughout this day – remembering.