Must We Really have “Drive-Thru Ash Wednesday” and “Drive-Thru Funerals”?

Dare I say that I’m officially getting old? Probably so, because although I’ve always been highly productive and not one to waste a minute of time, lately I’ve never felt more pushed from behind to speed it up.

I’m sure you can relate to at least a few of these experiences (but I’m definitely not saying YOU are old! :))

  • I was driving in a snowstorm – again – here in the Northeast this season, and as I waited patiently to turn left through oncoming traffic, (watching cars slide into snowbanks), someone behind me was beeping like crazy for me to turn…as a semi was on its way through the intersection!?
  • Just when I was trying to enjoy the beauty of October, the countdown-to-Christmas-countdown was on more than one television channel.
  • Just when I finally embraced the Christmas music that had already been playing on our local radio since the first week of November, the D.J.’s began telling us: “don’t worry all your regular favorites will be returning on December 26th”. I didn’t want to think about the holidays being over when they had just begun!
  • When I finally permitted myself to enjoy the beginnings of the TV Christmas movies, I saw a commercial advertising the countdown to Valentine’s Day.
  • But nothing blew my mind like the news report, announcing that drive-thru viewing was available at a funeral home in Michigan: 

That is one of four listed funeral homes offering this service in the U.S.. No one likes a funeral, but even at something as sad as a wake, we are strengthening relationships and showing we care.

  • Then, this past week, I was shocked again to see the drive thru Ash Wednesday services:

For those who are unable to get out of a car easily, or with medical issues, this is a great service. But, I suspect this offer was more geared toward those of us who are really busy running our lives. I’m not Catholic, but I am a Christian who believes that going into the actual church offers fellowship and community, in addition to our spiritual experience.

When I was a young mom with three children under the age of two, I received regular unsolicited advice from a variety of people including strangers in supermarkets. Most of it was useless or unwanted except this one truth:

Life goes very fast – take your time…